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Här har vi samlat artiklar och inslag om The Single Malt fund.


You Can Now Invest In Rare Whisky Via The Stock Exchange

It’s pretty clear that the luxury-whisky industry is in the midst of a boom.

GQ India

GQ India
How to get rich by investing in whisky – Bye bye Bitcoin

If you know the struggle of staring at an empty bank balance after a night out, you must be convinced that all alcohol can do is empty out your pockets.

Scottish Field

Scottish Field
World’s first regulated whisky fund taps into booming demand for liquid gold

Investors with a passion for liquid gold have an opportunity to invest in the world’s first regulated single malt whisky fund.

Allt om Whisky

Allt om Whisky
De startar världens första reglerade whiskyfond

Världens första börsnoterade whiskyfond – The Single Malt Fund – är under uppstartande, och det är svenske entreprenören Christian Svantesson som leder fondens arbete.


World’s first regulated whisky investment fund launches in Stockholm

Fund is targeting a return rate of 10 per cent each year.

Insider U.K.

Insider UK
Single Malt Fund launched to tap into booming whisky demand

Swedish enthusiast Christian Svantesson offers investors the chance to own a stake in a large collection of rare and limited-edition Scotch.

Whisky Intelligence

whisky intelligence
World’s first regulated whisky fund taps into booming demand for liquid gold

Investors with a passion for liquid gold have an opportunity to invest in the world’s first regulated single malt whisky fund.

The world’s first regulated whisky fund is making it easier for whisky lovers to invest in whisky.


World’s First Whiskey Investment Fund Launched In Sweden

Now you can buy into the world’s first publicly traded whiskey investment fund.

The Times
Whisky fund offers sniff of rare interest

Whisky enthusiasts are being given the chance to get in on the booming demand for liquid gold with the launch of what is described as the first regulated single malt whisky fund.

The National
World’s first single malt whisky fund launches – in Sweden

Fed up with low interest rates from high street banks but sick of keeping your cash under your mattress?

The Press and Journal
Single malt at centre of Swedish venture newventure

A blend of entrepreneurial drive and a passion for Scotland’s national drink has seen a Swedish businessman launch the world’s first regulated fund trading in rare single malt whiskies.

The Single Malt Fund is the first fully regulated whisky fund, based in Sweden.

Fine wine is a classic alternative investment, but rare whisky has never attracted the same investment following.


Välkommen till avsnitt 40 av Whiskypodden.

I programmet gästas Doktorn och Professorn av först Christian Svantesson som är VD för The Single Malt Fund.


Han vill få fler att investera i whisky

Christian Svantesson ville kombinera sina två stora passioner i livet: whisky och affärer. Därför startade han världens första reglerade whiskyfond.

Dagens Industri

Whiskyfonden får klartecken – noteras på NGM

Sveriges, och sannolikt även världens, första whiskyfond noteras. Det står klart efter att nystartade The Single Malt Fund fått klartecken för notering på Nordic Growth Market, NGM.


Exklusiv whiskyfond klar för börsen: ”Attraktiv marknad”

Whisky på börsen? Ja, du hörde rätt. Som sparare kommer du att kunna köpa in dig i The Single Malt Fund. – En attraktiv investeringsmarknad, säger Christian Svantesson, fondens vd, till Dagens Industri.


Verdens første whiskyfond går på svensk børs

The Single Malt Fund er resultatet af en kombination af en stor passion for whisky og en særlig næse for den gode forretning.

Business Insider

The world’s first whisky investment fund is launching in Sweden – and it’s chasing 30% returns

Sweden is pioneering the world’s first publicly traded whisky investment fund. ‘The Single Malt Fund’ will own a portfolio of rare and limited whiskies and make participating debentures available to the public.

The Drinks Business


As reported by Fortune, unlike similar funds that invest in whiskey companies like Jack Daniel’s and Johnnie Walker, The Single Malt Fund invests in the actual liquid.


Investera i whisky – världens första reglerade whiskyfond är svensk

Whisky är mer än gott i glaset – det går även att tjäna storkovan på det flytande guldet. Vill du också ha en del av kakan? Så kommer du igång!


Nu går det att investera i whisky – på börsen

The Single Malt Fund är världens första investeringsfond som enbart placerar pengar i whisky. Nu har den godkänts för notering på Nordic Growth Market i Stockholm.

Cool Material

You Can Now Invest in Rare Whisky

As you watch Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin go up and down like a trio of bouncing balls, you may decide you want a more stable investment.

Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura
You Can Buy Into the World’s First Publicly Traded Whiskey Investment Fund

IT’S TOUGH TO KNOW WHERE to invest your hard-earned cash these days. But if you’ve got a hankering for fine scotch, you might want to keep an eye on The Single Malt Fund, the world’s first publicly traded whiskey investment vehicle.

Livets Goda

Atlas Obscura
The Single Malt Fund – världens första reglerade whiskyfond till börsen

The Single Malt Fund har godkänts för notering på Nordic Growth Market (NGM) i Stockholm. Fonden blir därmed inte enbart den första riktiga whiskyfonden, utan också den första att börsnoteras.

Terms of agreement

The offer to invest in the Fund, as described in this English section, is only marketed towards Swedish investors abroad. The Fund is only allowed to market the investment offer to Swedish investors. No other permits for marketing the investment offer exist, so all information is intended only for Swedish investors and their representatives.

The reason for an English version of the website is primarily so that Swedish nationals living abroad can inform their financial advisors, private bankers, and alike, acting on their behalf as intermediaries. Since the Fund only accept applications through intermediaries, it is vital that all information is correct and instructive to enable our Swedish investors to become clients. The individual prospect investor and/or it’s representative are wholly responsible for ensuring that their investment in the Fund is permitted by national law.

If you are not to be considered as a Swedish national, or being a representative of such, you may not access the website for the purpose of purchasing any securities related to the Fund. The information on this website is only accessible through the individual voluntary proactive search for general information about the Fund. By registering and accessing the website the user also acknowledges that there has not been any promotions in any way, through marketing or otherwise by means to influence their decision to request access to the website.

For non-Swedish investors, information about the Fund is provided for informational purposes only. Information about the Fund is not to be regarded as an offer or solicitation regarding purchase of any securities related to the Fund.

The offer described on the website is not directed, directly or indirectly, to residents in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland or South Africa. The offer is not directed to persons whose participation requires prospectus, registration or other measures. The application form or other for the rights issue related documents may not be distributed in any country where such distribution or rights issue requires action under the preceding sentence or conflict with regulations in that country. Application forms consigned from such country may be disregarded. No direct applications from investors will be accepted unless through a Swedish correspondent bank counterpart.

I also understand that the information given on the English section for is only for informative purpose. The complete legal prospectus and all other documentation is only given in Swedish. The summary of the prospectus is however translated and in accordance with the regulatory approved fund prospectus.